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2019 Housing Forecast

By Cynthia Caffrey | January 31, 2019

Matthew Gardner 2019 Forecast

Late Wednesday

By Cynthia Caffrey | January 30, 2019

I found my way out of the kitchen tonight and headed to the gym for a later than normal workout. The minute I walked in I ran into a teacher my kids had had in elementary school so that knocked about 30 minutes off of my workout time. It was so great to chat with […]

The Power of Your Kitchen!

By Cynthia Caffrey | January 29, 2019

Kitchen 2019 Your kitchen is most likely the most important room in your home! It’s where family gatherings begin, where kids do homework, where your friends come for coffee, where conversations regarding just about anything take place and for most of us where we cook our meals. It’s also the first thing that home shoppers […]

Spring is Near!

By Cynthia Caffrey | January 28, 2019

This time of year is always so beautiful in Western Washington. Of course we still have rain and fog…and clouds even some snow or  frost but the days that are filled with sunshine and blue skies are a good sign that spring is definitely near! I can never really explain why springtime is so different […]


What Buyers Want

By Cynthia Caffrey | April 20, 2017

We are in a crazy market. In some areas, homes are receiving multiple offers for well over the asking price. In other areas, it takes a little longer to find the perfect buyer. Sometimes it’s because of location or price. However sometimes it’s because of condition and/or general appearance of the home which can be a very easy […]