Misc. January 10, 2020

Snow-la-Coaster Week Coming?

Well here we go on the annual snow-la-coaster! Every year it happens and it seems a very large amount of Western Washingtonians get antsy about snow coming…or not. Many of us love it and many of us dread the sight of a single snow flake on a cloudy 33 degree day when the news has forecasted even the slightest chance. I get it. It’s a pain. People drive that shouldn’t. And so on.

However, even as an adult it is hard to resist packing a snowball and throwing it at your kids or spouse! Our dog, Noni the German Shepherd loves catching snowballs. She’ll honestly chase anything round that is thrown toward her! And who doesn’t love getting all bundled up to go look for a good sledding hill or a walk in the snow. Of course coming in for a cup of hot chocolate or a latte tops off the event. It takes us back to our youth.

I for one am a snow lover! I love watching it peacefully hit the ground and make everything look so clean and pretty. Driving in it isn’t my favorite thing but I tend to just avoid the big hills, and congested driving times without 4 wheel drive.

Hopefully if we do get a lot of snow in the weeks to come, everyone out driving will slow down a little and try to take a minute at home to enjoy the beauty of it…before it gets all slushy and dirty ha!