Home March 6, 2019

Tiny Homes Trending?

Do you think that the tiny homes we see on HGTV shows are a trend? If you really think about the complete aspect of living in a home that is less than the size of most garages, I can’t imagine why they would be. I can certainly understand the cost effectiveness of a tiny home and that is huge especially for the millennials now but I cannot say for myself that I am a fan.

Most homeowners complain about all the stuff they have packed away here and there that they just don’t need. With a tiny home it would be necessary to get rid of a lot…okay almost all of your unnecessary stuff. Mementos and special things would have to be downsized as well as clothing. Closet space is limited as is all storage in a tiny home. Can you entertain in a tiny home?

If your tiny home gets the least bit messy it must be huge in a tiny home…haha! I mean, if you spill something or don’t put things away the whole house is trashed right? But it would be very easy to clean a tiny home and that would be nice. Does that outweigh the fact that making your bed in a 3 foot high loft would be incredibly frustrating. And smells from cooking or whatever in a tiny home must be overwhelming at times.

Apparently it’s not always easy to find a place to park your home and moving it can be difficult. Just packing up your entire home, being sure the water, sewer and electricity is properly unhooked much like an RV can be trying. Most tiny homes have weight restrictions so you can’t just add a granite countertop or anything that weighs too much. There are zoning requirements to learn about before you build or move too.

But there is the up side of a small home. A cozy relationship with whomever is living in it with you; your spouse, children and pets. It would surely teach everyone how to be more social with each other just because of the simple fact that you would be physically closer. That alone might make it worth it. The joy of having your people right there would probably make the downside more acceptable. Working together to make a tiny home your home could be very rewarding.