Home March 5, 2019

Flying Out Of Paine

I have heard that Paine Field is now open for some commercial flights. Alaska Airlines and United Airlines will be the two airlines set to fly out of Paine Field. Alaska will have 18 daily flights and United will have 6.

A few pros:

Paine Field expects 600,00-700,000 yearly. SeaTac has 45 million!

Airport drive time and traffic will obviously be less…for now.

They have promised travelers that they can expect to get from the curb to their gate in 10 minutes.

The distance from the exit door to the parking lot is only 160 feet.

The airport is called a “boutique” airport. Although there are other small airports in the US, there aren’t any like Paine Field.

Need to charge your cell phone; every chair has an outlet and high speed internet is available throughout the terminal.

Visitor spending and business transactions will benefit the community.

And the cons: 

Overhead flight noise in nearby neighborhoods and beyond.

Environmental issues.

The likelihood that the airline will eventually serve larger jets and more travelers.

Reduced property  values due to noise and traffic.

If they flew to Maui I would give it a try just because SeaTac is always crazy now.

See you next time!