Sellers February 28, 2019

Inspector & Appraiser; Tips Before They Arrive

Many sellers are very nervous when they know their home is going to be inspected and eventually appraised. And understandably so. An inspector will be in their home, with an agent and buyers, all of whom they typically don’t know. That alone would make most people a bit nervous. The fear of the unknown, even though they probably know that their home is perfectly fine, is easy to overcome for already stressed out sellers.

I always tell my sellers to try to relax and give them a few pre-inspection things to check in their home to make them more at ease. When a seller goes through these things or has their own inspection they are almost always relieved.

So if you are getting ready to sell, take a look at this list of the basics.

  1. Roofs: Should be clean and free of moss and debris. If you are not sure of the condition, you should contact a company to have it checked and certified. This is a major item that inspectors and appraisers will look at.
  2. Gutters: Replace rotted gutters and be sure they are attached firmly. Make sure they are draining away from the foundation.
  3. Crawl Space: Another big one. Check the entrances, make sure there is no earth to wood contact or dry rot. Be sure the vapor barrier/black plastic is in place and no debris is under the home. Be sure to check all of the screens for tears or entrance points.
  4. Attic: Must be accessible. There must be adequate cross flow ventilation and screen should be on vents.
  5. Hot Water Tank: Be sure there is a pressure relief valve properly installed. Venting to a crawlspace is unacceptable.
  6. Plumbing: Check for leaks, especially under cabinets.
  7. Bathrooms: Check around tubs, showers and toilets for softness, loose tiles or flooring and caulking.
  8. Furnace: Having the furnace serviced is a good idea. An appraiser could ask for it to be done and if they do it may mean another trip to the home for the appraiser…which could delay things.
  9. Septic Tanks: As a seller you will be required to have your septic tank inspected and pumped and you will need to show proof that it has been recently done. It is okay to wait until you have mutual acceptance on your home if you like but it is one less thing to worry about if you get it done prior.
  10. Raw Wood:  Appraisers have been known to call out unpainted or unstained wood on deck railings, etc. so it is good to see what might need a coat of paint. Aesthetically it will be more pleasing to buyers when looking at your home anyway.

Gotta run…I have an inspection to go to!