Home February 13, 2019

Moving Into Your New Home-To Do List

A few tips on things you might think about doing when you move in to your new home.

Even though you probably had an inspection when you bought, there still may be a to do list!

1. Change the locks. You would be surprised to know how many people don’t!

2. Find the main water valve and the main circuit breaker. Always good to know and have easy access to both.

3. Install a new air filter in the furnace.

4. Double check for plumbing leaks. Just in case your inspector missed a leaky sink sprayer.

5. Install new toilet seats. Pretty self explanatory!

6. Wipe out the cabinets. Sometimes sellers forget to do this last minute thing.

7. Clean the carpets. If they weren’t done before closing this is a great time to have them done before furnishings arrive.

8. Clean the dryer vents. Best way to prevent problems is to keep it cleaned out.

9. Fire extinguisher. Be sure you have one near the kitchen.

10. Escape ladder. The Red Cross recommends them for sleeping areas in multistory homes.

Here are a couple fun ways to make it your own:

1. Paint the front door! Let your neighbors know they have a new neighbor.

2. Give your home your own scent with your favorite plug-in, candles or Scentsy.

3. Have a choose your bedroom party with the kids.

See you next time!