Home February 6, 2019

Winterize Before The Storm

The weather has been crazy for western WA this week! Usually snow comes and goes pretty quickly here but once in a while it sticks around like it is now. This week has been filled with freezing temps and compact snow and ice on roads contributing to many accidents.

Just this evening our daughter was hit while driving on 132nd by a car that was going too fast for the road conditions. She was very shook up but thankfully not hurt. Slow down people.

With another big storm heading our way here are a few last minute ways to winterize your home…just in case.

1. Be sure your emergency kit is up to date and has new batteries for flash lights. Good idea for your cars as well.

2. Check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

3. Keep your cell phones charged as much as possible.

4. For ceiling fans use the clockwise rotation to produce warmer air flowing down.

5. If you have any tree branches that are hanging near your doorway it might be a good time to trim them back.

6. Cover outdoor faucets.

7. Replace furnace filters.

8. Help protect pipes from freezing by leaving cabinet doors open.

9. Have a plan for somewhere to go if you lose power for too long.

This is a link to Bob Vila’s winterizing suggestions:


See you after the storm!