Misc. January 30, 2019

Late Wednesday

I found my way out of the kitchen tonight and headed to the gym for a later than normal workout. The minute I walked in I ran into a teacher my kids had had in elementary school so that knocked about 30 minutes off of my workout time. It was so great to chat with her and her daughter though and catch up on the last 10 years. Time flies!

I should preface by saying that anytime I can get out of the kitchen is good for me because I am not someone who likes to cook. I have heard that I am a pretty good cook though but without a plan I go nowhere fast. Ha! So I’d rather clean the mess and let someone else do the cooking.

And that someone is quite often my daughter, Olivia, who has an amazing knack for preparing the tastiest meals on a whim and keeping them totally heathy while doing it. She can whip up something fabulous with no recipe other than what she has created in her head at that moment. It’s a talent I admire.

She has the whole household on a healthy eating plan right now and I must say that eating healthier has inspired me to become healthier thus I go to the gym more often and eat less pizza.

So everything went late tonight and I here I am on the computer blogging and doing a little work wayyy too late! Thank goodness the kitchen is clean.

See you next time…I’ve got a great book that was literally dropped in my lap last night so I think I’ll read.