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The Power of Your Kitchen!

Kitchen 2019

Your kitchen is most likely the most important room in your home! It’s where family gatherings begin, where kids do homework, where your friends come for coffee, where conversations regarding just about anything take place and for most of us where we cook our meals.

It’s also the first thing that home shoppers look at and not just women anymore. Men are also very involved in kitchen activities now. Sellers should pay very close attention to color, pattern, lighting and appliance trends in order to attract buyers. It’s like street appeal on the inside of your home.

Here’s what we are seeing as we look to the kitchen of 2019 which really isn’t that much of a change from the last few years but is worth noting.

Open Floor Plans

I think the kitchen as an open concept is here to stay. As islands get bigger some are swapping the separate formal dining room for a table, a few chairs and built in bench (with storage under) where you can sit and scroll through your tablet or phone while being social with the family.

Today’s kitchen designs consist of clean lines with less clutter on the countertops. Microwaves are built into cabinets often in the island and trends show range venting fans have a designer touch that I have seen in metal or wood. Very nice!


The “smart home” is becoming more evident in today’s kitchen. Ovens, refrigerators and other appliances can now be controlled via a smart phone. Security systems and thermostats have been able to be controlled in the same way for a while now. This trend, designers say, is growing.

More ovens are showing up in black stainless steel, which is now among the most popular colors of kitchen appliances.  

Counters and Cabinets

Granite countertops remain a classic choice but there are plenty of new options to choose from. Quartz countertops have improved remarkably since they were first introduced. They are coming in larger slabs so having a seam between countertop pieces is less likely. When it comes to cabinets, top designers are saying that intricate designs and fancy knobs are going out. Flat panels, clean lines, with a focus on maximizing storage.

The “beverage center” is coming into its own this year. My daughter just created a very nice coffee/hot cocoa station in our newly remodeled kitchen. It’s very fun, looks great and is not invasive at all!

So I’m saying yes to open kitchens that create a family hub, an entertainers dream and a non closed in feeling for cooking!

See you next time…in the kitchen!