Home January 28, 2019

Spring is Near!

This time of year is always so beautiful in Western Washington. Of course we still have rain and fog…and clouds even some snow or  frost but the days that are filled with sunshine and blue skies are a good sign that spring is definitely near! I can never really explain why springtime is so different than any other season. Maybe it’s the cold crisp air with the sun peaking out here and there that makes everything feel clean and healthy. Bulbs will be popping up soon and trees will get their first blooms.

I take advantage of the sunny days by getting outside for the fresh air, whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood or running down to a trail to enjoy the weather. It clears my mind, which is usually pretty cluttered and always on the go. Looking at the mountains, the trees and the beauty we have here affirms that there is more to life than work, work, work and it really only takes about 30 minutes to renew! It wasn’t always that way for me though. I used to walk just to walk and barely noticed my surroundings but now I specifically look at the trees, the birds and whatever crosses my path. It’s actually pretty amazing where your mind goes when you let it go.

Don’t get me wrong; I love every season here in Washington and I do get out on any dry day as well but spring is my favorite. In another week or two it could be pouring rain…oh that’s Western Washington for you!

Hang in there spring is just around the corner. Go for a walk, take a deep breath and enjoy. See you next time!